Upper Eastside Townhouse

This townhouse was converted from a 3 family building into a single family residence.  It the course of the project the entire interior was gutted and new framing, electrical, plumbing and other utilities were installed.   A new grand staircase runs through the building and the existing facade facing the street was removed and a new brick and cast stone facade was installed.   A small breakfast room was added on in the back opening up to the backyard.

Existing facade

This is the façade of the row house before we started our work. Painted stucco over brick (never a good idea), crumbling bluestone window sills, and drafty old single pane windows is what we found.

New Facade

This is the front facade after we rebuilt it with new brick and cast stone details.

Front Facade & Wall Section Drawings Schacter

Construction drawings showing new front elevation of row house with wall sections showing details.

JR photos 007

Cast stone pediment over entry

Window box

New window and window box detail

Shacter cellar excavation

Work inside included digging down in the cellar to create more headroom on the lowest level.

Schacter interior 2nd floor looking south

New interior floor framing

Schacter chimney work

Work included new chimney fireboxes and flues

Stairway at First Floor

New formal stairway and view to the living room beyond.


New kitchen on the ground floor opens up to breakfast room addition.

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