Materials Suppliers

We constantly get requests for suggestions and advice on where to find things and who do we recommend.   Here is a list of some of our favorite companies with who we have had success in locating things for our clients:

Tile and Stone

Stone Source

Nemo Tile     Nemo Tile has a good range of tile which includes less expensive options as well as fancy stuff:

All Granite & Marble    Large stone yard great selection and good prices in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey:

Dente Trading Company, Inc.  Large stone yard great selection and good prices in Cedar Grove, New Jersey:


Gringer & Sons  For competitive prices and for their expertise on a large range of manufacturers:

Karls  New Jersey                                                                               

Plumbing Fixtures


Davis & Warshow   They have a freindly and helpful service:

Hardware Bath & Spa New Jersey contact: Jane Murphy or Sandy           Torgenson                                                                                                      


Lighting by Gregory  Huge range of light fixtures at a range of budgets:

Lightforms Good selection of contemporary fixtures          

Electrical Supplies

G & G Electric  Electrical devices such as different switches, dimmers and outlet styles and also some light fixtures:


E. R. Butler Hardware

Nanz hardware 

Simon’s Hardware & Bath  Very good selection of architectural hardware and generally good service:


Urban Archaeology        Good resource for historical artifacts, hardware and hard to find items:

David Watt    Knowledgeable, friendly and attentive fireplace & chimney repairs & service:   (cell phone) 917-208-4146


Skyline Windows ,  212-491-3000

Skyline Windows makes some of the best soundproof windows around.  Their sound insulating qualities also serve to keep the cold out and heat in.  They have a clean, neutral appearance with aluminum frames and simple detailing which is compatible with many different styles of construction.  We can recommend working with salesman Ian Carlevarini who is responsive and good-natured.

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